Community Brand

The recent Branding Initiative in Hope began back in 2012, with the District of Hope, AdvantageHOPE, and the Chamber of Commerce. All three organizations agreed that in order for the community to move forward and grow, it needed to discover and clarify what it is that makes Hope a truly unique and compelling place to be. With the input of over 400 residents, the brand was distilled down to an articulated story. A story that shares our vision, personality and values, and what we offer that differentiates us from other BC Communities.

To download a copy of our newest Brand Book (3MB), use this link.

One Brand // Three Voices

When we talk about "the brand" or the "brand story" we are referring specifically to the written words and descriptions in Hope's Brand Book (link above). While there is only one brand story, there are three distinct “voices” that may be telling it. Below are the main contexts for the Hope brand, and each have their own distinct version of the logo. Together, they constitute the “brand family”. We encourage organizations and residents who are interested in helping to tell Hope's brand story to get in touch with us. We look forward to working with the community to move Hope forward.

The Marketing Voice

The original Hope, BC logo was designed for this purpose. It is used in communications targeted to an outside audience with the hopes of attracting them to the area (whether that be as a visitor, new resident, or new investment). AdvantageHOPE, as the local economic development and tourism organization, is the only organization that uses this voice and logo. In special cases where AdvantageHOPE is in a collaborative relationship with a partner organization, the Hope BC logo may be employed.

The Corporate Voice

The District of Hope is considered the corporate voice of the Hope brand. They are largely responsible for community planning & development, civic operations, and leadership for the District. As such, the District of Hope’s corporate logo is the yin to the marketing yang. Having related, but distinct, visual identities serves to unite the external and internal voices of the community, ensuring continuity between the two.

The Community Voice

The third logo in the brand family, represents the community voice. Most residents and businesses in the Hope region are fiercely proud of their community - and rightfully so. This logo gives them the opportunity to associate with the brand, thereby reinforcing and endorsing it. In this way, they act as an ambassador for the community brand.
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