Advertising Opportunities 2016

Hope is a transportation and adventure hub in a stunning mountain setting. The community, Visitor Centre and website are very accessible and get solid attention. These advertising packages can help your organization get solid attention, too!

Online @ enjoys up to 8,000 unique visitors per month, 74% of which are new visitors. Advertising with offers significant opportunities to successfully reach new audiences! Please see the diagram on the next page for an overview of ad sizes.

[table width=”940″ colwidth=”188|188|188|188|188|” colalign=center|center|center|center|center”] Free Listing & Link,Full Feature – $77/month,Feature Deluxe- $57/month,Feature Plus – $37/month,Feature – $17/month
Hope Area Business,Top of Page Feature Image,Horizontal Banner Ad,Square Banner Ad,Full Address
Non-Profit Org,Horizontal Banner Ad,Featured Listing,Featured Listing,Email Contact Info
Community Group,Featured Listing,Full Year = 1 month free,Full Year = 1 month free,Web or Social Media Link
Listed & Linked to website,Full Year = 1 month free, , ,Your Logo
,Image size = 980 x 250px,Image size = 640 x 100px,Image size = 260 x 260px,Full Year = 1 month free


Here are the ad sizes on  a sample webpage of Advertising Options


Hope Visitor Centre – Indoor Advertising & Racking

The Hope Visitor Centre welcomes over 40,000 visitors each year. Hope informs more than double, and in many cases quadruple, the number of visitors compared with neighboring Visitor Centres. You can have this walk-in traffic working to your advantage by promoting at the Hope Visitor Centre. Here are the options.

[table caption=”” width=”940″ colwidth=”340|300|300″ colalign=”left|center|center”] Digital Media Screen,6 Months,1 Year
Up to 30 Seconds,$197,$297
31 to 60 Seconds,$297,$597


[table caption=”” width=”940″ colwidth=”340|300|300″ colalign=”left|center|center”] Racking,Brochure 1 Year, Magazine 1 Year
Not Local,$147,$497
Local Non-Profit,Free,$97
Not Local Non-Profit,$47,$247
New Local Business,1st Year Free,1st Year $97
Premium Racking*,$47,$97


* Premium racking includes Front of Rack placement and a personalized NFC (Near Field Communication) tag. Front of  Rack placement dramatically increases the exposure to visitors who will see and pick up your material. Using the latest mobile technology we will put an NFC tag in front of your brochure or magazine, allowing visitors to download your information directly to their NFC enabled device, such as a mobile phone, by touching your NFC tag with it.


Hunter Creek & Hope Visitor Centre Kiosks

Hope BC Visitor Centre, Advertising


[table caption=”” width=”940″ colwidth=”313|156|156|156|156″ colalign=”left|center|center|center|center”] PANEL THEME,Hunter Creek 8.25 x 8.25,Visitor Centre Listing,,2 Years*
Come & Play,Y,Y,10 spots,$497
Fix & Fuel,Y,Y,10 spots,$497
Relax & Sleep,Y,Y,10 spots,$497
Shop & Dine,Y,Y,10 spots,$497

* Prices are subject to applicable taxes.
* Hope & District Chamber of Commerce qualify for 10% discount on advertising!


Production Requirements

Specification for Digital Advertising Materials

To enable the production of your advertisement with the quality you expect and without additional costs, please submit your advertising content files as outlined here.

  • For website advertising: PNG, JPG – both optimized for web viewing (72 ppi)
  • For print and signage (high resolution: 200 – 300 dpi, CMYK color mode):
  • PDF files – fonts embedded, saved as “Press Quality”
  • AI, EPS (vector-based image files) – images embedded, fonts converted to outlines, no bleeds (exception for full panels)
  • PSD files – convert to CMYK colour mode, no bleeds (except for full panels)
  • Delivering of Digital Content: Digital files submitted on a flash drive (USB memory stick) or sent via e-mail to  Only one ad per document please.


Advertising Design

Would you like help preparing or editing your ad? We connect you to graphic designers and sign makers as required or provide you with a quotation to do the work for you in-house. The rates in this document do not include ad design or production.


To inquire about advertising, please contact Michelle Richardson via email to or by phone at 604-860-2021.