Road Riding

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Because of its location at the edge of the mountains, Hope is ideally situated for road rides of any length.  Whether you’re training for a long-distance tour or just wanting to explore the town, these rides will get your pedals turning.

  • The Hope Slide

    Description: Long distance riders in Hope will argue that once you have ridden the Slide three times then you are ready to tackle anything the province has to offer. The climb starts as soon as you leave town with a section of 6% along the Coquihalla Connector.  After riders merge onto Highway 3, there is a slight downhill respite before the climbing continues.  Riders will know they are at the bottom of the Slide as the road abruptly turns uphill and the hard, but rewarding, work begins. The shoulder on this section of Highway 3 is luxurious compared to what lies beyond Sunshine Valley.  Be aware of debris and small potholes on the downhill side, but the uphill is legit.  The Slide viewpoint (with pit-toilets, picnic tables, and drivers who will be impressed by your dedication) requires a left-hand turn at the top of the hill.  If you start going downhill then you have gone too far and will end up in Sunshine Valley. As difficult as the climb is, the downhill makes up for it all.  Riders barely have to pedal to make it back to downtown Hope.
  • Heartbreak Hill / Othello Road

    Description: Officially called Othello Road, this 11% hill that takes riders from Kawkawa Lake to the Othello Tunnels and Highway 5 is known to riders in Hope as Heartbreak Hill.  Why?  Because it is steep. Fortunately, Heartbreak Hill is not very long (<3km).  There is no shoulder and RV’ers, passenger vehicles, and transfer-trucks going to-and-from Nestle Waters share the road with you. Once over the hill, riders have 3 choices:  
    • Turn right onto Tunnels Road and cruise back to town along the Kettle Valley Railway. This is the easier option and requires tires slightly burlier than slicks.
    • Continue straight onto Othello road, ride to the Highway 5 entrance, turn around, and ride back over Heartbreak Hill. This is a nice option if you are looking for more hill climbing and the highway is busy or the weather is not favourable for highway riding.
    • Continue straight onto Othello road and come back to Hope via Highway 5. There is a 2 kilometre long 6% hill on the way back for those wanting another hill climb.  The shoulder on this portion of the road is decent, though not necessarily recommended on long weekends.  This option is sometimes referred to as the reverse loop.
  • The Loop

    Description: A favourite ride for those looking for a longer hill ride, but not feeling up to the Slide.  Riders head towards Merritt (tackling the sustained 6% of the Connector) and come down a nice, sweeping hill towards the Othello Road Exit.  The shoulder is decent for the highway portion of the ride. Exit at Othello road and ride up the back side of Heartbreak Hill.  Watch for transfer trucks, RV’ers, and passenger vehicles on the narrow, windy road (no shoulder here).
  • Hope - Agassiz

    Description: Hope-Agassiz is excellent ride for those who have always been intrigued by road riding, but are daunted by busy highways and big commitment.  Also a nice early season ride for veteran cyclists who haven’t been on their bike all winter.  Highway 7 has one (short) hill between Hope and Agassiz. Ending in Agassiz is pleasant for a number of reasons, but mostly because there are cafes and bakeries. Start down Highway 7 early in the morning.  By the afternoon, the wind tends to pick up on the Fraser River, making Highway 7 a more grueling ride than it has any right to be.
  • Hope - Harrison

    Description: Always wanted to do a metric century?  Now is your time and Hope-Harrison-Hope is your ride.  Harrison is full of restaurants, cafes, ice-cream shops, and places to lounge on the beach.  It is an ideal turnaround point for riders.  It is also an easy metric-century (100 kilometres) as there is only one (short) hill between Hope-Agassiz and it is flat from Agassiz to Harrison. Be aware of the wind and the weather, however.  Gusts off the Fraser River are not the most fun.
  • Hope - Quilchena

    Description: Are you ready to ride a century?  Are you ready for the Coquihalla Summit? Of course you are. This one-way ride ends at a restaurant (of course) and takes riders into the heart of the Nicola Valley.  Immediately leaving Hope, cyclists tackle a 6% climb on the Coquihalla Connector. There’s no water along this route until Merritt and the shoulder leaves something to be desired in the final approach to the summit, but the views and bragging rights are worth it.
  • Airport

    Description: The ride around the airport is a classic road ride in Hope. Cyclists can either leave from downtown for a longer ride that includes Richmond Hill (Flood-Hope road) or can drive to the airport and cruise the 3 kilometre loop with no hills or traffic. The 20 kilometre loop from downtown is an easy introduction to road riding and, if you're lucky, you'll find wild blackberries along the route in the summer.
  • Town Bike Route

    Description: Brand new to riding?  Introducing your kids to the sport?  Feel like checking out town?  Then the Town Bike Route is for you. This 7 kilometre marked bike path around town leads riders of any skill level past Memorial Park, Christ Church, the confluence of the Fraser and Coquihalla rivers, and the Recreation Centre.