Fraser Canyon TunnelsFraser Canyon

Why choose Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway)

  • Travel Overview

  • Weather

    Highway 1 is often the preferred travel route between Hope and Kamloops because of its relatively mild temperatures and road conditions. Jackass Summit (345 metres) sits at a considerably lower elevation than the Coquihalla Summit (1210 metres) which means that when it is snowing on the Coquihalla, the Fraser Canyon is often bare.
  • Elevation

    As a result of the elevation difference, families with small children tend to prefer the Fraser Canyon as lower elevation means less pressure in the ears of young travellers. Anyone hauling a big trailer should also consider the Fraser Canyon as it does not have the steep, sustained hills of the Coquihalla.
  • Scenery

    No one can argue that the Coquihalla is not a beautiful road with stunning mountains; however, we would argue that few roads in British Columbia match the stretch of Highway 1 between Hope and Boston Bar for beauty. The road cuts its way along the cliffs that rise above the raging Fraser River while seven tunnels carry drivers through the heart of the mountains which made the Canyon barely navigable 200 years ago.
  • Possibilities

    The Fraser Canyon is the gateway to taking the road less travelled, walking in the footsteps of history, and experiencing awe-inspiring nature. So slow down, take a chance, and enjoy your journey.