Augmented reality has come to Hope and it is time for you to join the fun!  

Come down to the Hope Visitor Centre and Museum Complex at 919 Water Avenue or download the QuestUpon app to learn more.

QuestUpon in Hope


Playing QuestUpon in Hope
  • What is augmented reality?

    Augmented reality uses the GPS and internet capabilities of your smartphone to superimpose a digital image on to the real world.  In QuestUpon, hold up your phone at the Fraser River and see a sternwheeler paddle by or watch Rambo ride down Wallace Street on his motorcycle!
  • What is QuestUpon?

    QuestUpon is a mobile platform that encourages users to gamify the real world.  QuestUpon and their associate company, PlayMobility, are Canadian companies who have been winning awards and leading the field in augmented reality gaming.  QuestUpon won "Most Innovative Entertainment Company" in 2015, beating out competitors like EA.  We are excited that they have brought their talents to Hope to help us continue to improve the visitor experience in our community.
  • Who can play?

    Everyone!  QuestUpon is user-friendly, intuitive, and fun for everyone.  There are no age limits.
  • How can I play?

    Playing QuestUpon is as easy as downloading the app and enabling the data on your smartphone.  Once you hit play the game will start the first mission and your quest will have begun!
  • Is it just augmented reality?

    No.  As though augmented reality wasn't enough, QuestUpon allows users to interact within the platform by leaving messages at specific locations and sending missions to friends.  This makes it a great game to play when road-tripping with multiple vehicles as you can leave a geocached messaged for your friends in the other vehicle.
  • What if I'm travelling without a smartphone or data plan?

    No problem!  The Hope Visitor Centre and Museum Complex has got you covered.  Leave us a credit card and piece of ID and we will lend you an ipad, so you can participate in gamifying the real world.
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