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11 Places to Shop in Hope, Cascades & Canyons this Holiday Season


The holiday season is approaching, and that brings the exciting and ever-so challenging task of finding the gifts that are just right for your loved ones! Although this annual challenge may seem daunting, we have you covered with this list of excellent places to shop, even for those who have everything already!

Artistic Creations

Muskwa Gallery & Indian Crafts
773 Water Avenue, Hope

Heaven N Earth Native Art Gallery
340B Wallace Street, Hope

Hope Arts Gallery & Gallery Gift Shop
349 Fort Street, Hope

Beadifferent Canada
285 Wallace Street, Hope

Decorative Gifts

Kerfuffle Creations
332 Wallace Street, Hope

Riverhouse Designs Boutique Store
267 Wallace Street, Hope

Artisan’s Attic and Fudgery
326 Wallace Street, Hope

Gifts for Enthusiasts

Nuway Traders
509 Wallace Street, Hope

Baker’s Books
800 3rd Avenue, Hope

Hope Outdoors
259 Wallace Street, Hope

570 Wallace Street, Hope

Now that you’re ready to shop in Hope, Cascades & Canyons, we can’t wait for you to visit!¬†Before you make your way out, check out our Guide to Winter Adventure in Hope, Cascades & Canyons to make the most of your visit!

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