Located at the eastern point of the Fraser Valley, Hope plays a significant role in the economic stimulus of the Province of British Columbia and acts as a junction for highways 1, 3, 5, and 7. Located less than 2 hours from Metro Vancouver, Hope’s key location paired with the Fraser Valley’s most affordable real estate makes it ideal for investment and remote workers. The District of Hope is recognized for their competitive municipal development costs and quick processing times for development permits and licenses, which encourages progressive growth in our community. 

Hope and the Fraser Valley house a substantial labor force of more than 1.7 million. Additionally, the District of Hope continues to see exponential growth in population resulting in advancement of infrastructure and operating capacity. Hope is equipped with high-speed Fibre Optic internet which offers the advantage of high download speeds, symmetrical upload speeds, reliability, and scalability. Our community is home to more than 400 businesses representing a diverse business sector. The Hope Business and Development Society continues to work with multiple industries such as transportation, agriculture, accommodation, film, tourism and more.

As more businesses choose to invest in Hope and discover the community’s support and exceptional quality of life, they find that there are many reasons to be #ProudToInvestInHopeBC.