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Fishing in Hope, British Columbia

Hope BC has some of the best fishing in the Lower Mainland. So many different species of fish are found in Hope’s rivers, lakes and creeks. Catch kokanee in Kawkawa Lake, steelhead in the Fraser River or rainbow trout in the Skagit River. The Fraser River also boasts a large […]

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Things You Need to Know about the HBC Trail!

Enjoy a spectacular journey along this historical non-motorized Hudson’s Bay Company Brigade Trail of 1849. This trail, used by the First Nations people, Hudson Bay Fur Traders and gold seekers, is rated moderate and is not recommended for the inexperienced or weak knees. The whole route is about 74 km long […]

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All Year Recreation in the Hope and District Recreation Centre.

Hope offers a broad variety of indoor recreation and activities for its visitors and residents. Need to keep up on the cardio, or get indoors on a winter day? Swing by the recreation centre for swimming, fitness classes or drop-in sports and then finish the day with dinner at one […]

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Spawning Salmon Viewing Locations

Salmon spend their early life in rivers, then journey to the Pacific Ocean where they grow and mature. Then once they are mature, the salmon make the journey from ocean to their natal river where they spawn on the gravel beds. The salmon soon die and complete their role in […]

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Climbing & Bouldering in Hope, Cascades & Canyons

Climbing Hope and the surrounding area has some great climbing and bouldering locations. There are many more locations that are not officially mapped and shared through word-of-mouth, but here are a few that are well known. 1. Yak Peak Description: Yak Peak is great for granite climbing. It’s 6,693 feet tall with […]

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Gold Panning in Hope, Cascades & Canyons

Gold Panning Gold panning is still prevalent in Hope, BC! Experience is not necessary to get started, though doing some research before you head out is wise. Contact Yukon Dan for expert advice. A section of land along the shore of the Fraser River is reserved for recreational gold panning (from the […]