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General | Hope

New Rambo First Blood Carving in Hope, BC

Downtown Hope, BC has a new carving! Over the past several months community members have been working with carver Ryan Villeirs to complete an incredible carving of Sylvester Stallone as “Rambo” from the film First Blood (filmed in Hope). A small social distancing gathering was held Downtown Hope to unveil […]

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Fraser Canyon | General | Hope

Boat Launches on the Fraser River in Hope, Cascades & Canyons

Hope Fraser River Boat Launch: Steep and rough dirt launch. Limited Parking – DO NOT PARK on private property Bulger Road Fraser River Boat Launch: Rough dirt launch. Park on the right side ONLY. DO NOT PARK on Shxw’Ow’Hamel First Nation lands. Boating on the Fraser River can be very […]

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Fraser Canyon | General

Yoga Retreats at REO Rafting Resort

Close your eyes and imagine a perfect haven for practicing yoga. You might picture a setting deep in nature with a glorious mountain backdrop and bountiful groves of trees, next to a clear flowing river. The only sounds you hear are birdsong, the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze, […]

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Crowsnest | General

Exploring the Wildflowers of Manning Park

Experiencing the splendor of nature on a hike is an exhilarating feeling, made even better with the sight of colourful wildflowers in full bloom. Take a trip to Manning Park and prepare to be dazzled by the vibrant colours and delicate blooms of wildflowers set in a glorious mountain backdrop. […]

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Dirt Biking & Motocross at Popkum Motor Park

If you’ve travelled the #1 highway between Hope and Chilliwack, chances are you’ve noticed the vast network of off-road tracks and trails that is Popkum Motor Park. And what you see from the highway is just the tip of the iceberg: this impressive 100-acre facility provides extensive riding areas for […]

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Fraser Canyon | General

Glamping & Rafting Adventures With REO Rafting

Whitewater rafting should be an item on everyone’s bucket list: it’s high-spirited, pure, gleeful fun for the whole family! Prepare to get bounced around, get some air, and get soaked on rollercoaster waves. REO Rafting Resort is located right in the heart of world-class whitewater —the resort faces the breathtakingly […]