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Fraser Canyon | General

Places to Experience Railroad History of the Fraser Canyon

The Fraser Canyon is a delight to drive through. The incredible scenery includes mountains, rivers and lakes. Explore hidden tunnels and stop off at one of the historic sights along the way. Outdoor activities abound, try your hand at gold panning, visit the historic gold rush town of Yale, experience […]

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Crowsnest | Fraser Canyon | General

12 Places to Experience Nature in Hope, Cascades & Canyons

Hope was originally known as Ts’qo:ls by Sto:lo community who have lived in Hope for thousands of years. In 1808 Simon Fraser with the Hudson’s Bay Company scouting trails and sites for fur trade posts which lead to the construction of Fort Hope in 1848. Hope was incorporated as a […]

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General | Hope

LOCAL HISTORY: The Hope Cinema

Hope has a wonderful vestige from the past. Its movie cinema, built in 1945, is not only still standing, but is still in business. “It was in 1945, with the end of the 2nd World War, that new optimism & a period of growth overtook Hope & a variety of […]

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Covid-19 Update from Hope, Cascades & Canyons

At this time, we are asking non-residents to refrain from visiting our community. With the recent closure of most of our businesses, public facilities, parks and recreation areas, we are reserving those businesses that remain open, for the sole use of our residents. (Residents include; the Sunshine Valley, Boston Bar […]

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Fraser Canyon | General | Hope

Gold Panning in Hope, Cascades & Canyons

Gold Panning Gold panning is still prevalent in Hope, BC! Experience is not necessary to get started, though doing some research before you head out is wise. Contact Yukon Dan for expert advice. A section of land along the shore of the Fraser River is reserved for recreational gold panning (from the […]

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Crowsnest | General

The Dark Sky Highway | Crowsnest HWY 3

Do you love star-gazing? How about the peace and quiet of the outdoors? Then the Dark Sky Highway is definitely for you! BC Highway 3 has been known as the Dark Sky Highway for many years, as there are no major cities along this route, which in turn limits any […]