Business Feature: Mossy Branches Outdoor Program

When kids are having fun, learning comes naturally! Recognizing that there is rich knowledge to be gleaned outside of the confines of a classroom and inspired by children’s sense of wonder and joy of outside play, Mossy Branches Outdoor Program was born.

With Hope’s spectacular wilderness as the perfect playground, the business started by running Youth Summer Camps. After an overwhelming response from the community, it expanded to include more programs, including Toddler Summer Camps, Adventure Club, Wildlings Outdoor Preschool, Wilderness Wednesday Parent & Tot Program, a homeschool group for kids 6-12 yrs., and more!

Using outdoor-based play as the foundation of their programs, Mossy Branches teaches valuable life skills that stimulate creativity and imagination, such as foraging, wilderness survival, navigation, and plant identification. Nature play is hands-on, fully immersive learning that reduces stress levels, improves cognitive function and motor skills, improves physical fitness, and helps develop social skills! In addition, it fosters a sense of connection to the land and a sense of responsibility to take care of it. And as Co-founder Ashley Tyler states, getting your children excited about nature is as easy as walking out your front door!

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