Bittersweet | Hope Visitor Centre Demolished

Today marks the end of an era for tourism in Hope, BC as we embark on a new journey for our community and tourism industry. Today we are proud to announce that plans are currently underway to build a new Visitor Centre and Museum Complex serving the Hope, Cascades & Canyon Tourism Region as a major hub for travelers visiting and journeying through our community.

Over the past several decades, dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals have worked together to build and develop the tourism industry in Hope and surrounding areas. They have supported our organization as we became leaders in the industry and helped to make Hope, Cascades and Canyons a significant voice in BC’s Travel and Tourism Market.

AdvantageHOPE would like to honour and thank the following individuals and organizations who have helped make today’s announcement possible:

District of Hope, Destination Hope and Beyond Services (Inge Wilson), The Hope Chamber of Commerce, Hope Rotary, The Lions Club, The Province of British Columbia, Destination BC, Frances Thomas, Tammy Shields, Sarah Brown, Hope Towing, Anna Gladue, Helen Kennedy, Tyler Matheis, Shannon Jones, Riley Forman, Brian McKinney, Victor Smith, Communities in Bloom, Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning, our regional government and private partners, AdvantageHOPE board members, contractors, employees and volunteers (past and present), multiple Community ambassadors and the many others who have made substantial contributions to visitor services here in Hope!

We appreciate all their contributions to make the Hope Visitor Centre one of BC’s busiest, friendliest, and helpful.

We are now located in our temporary facility at 919 Water Ave. Plans are being developed by the District of Hope to design and build the new facility. As new information and developments occur we will keep you informed here on our blog and on our Facebook page Advantage Hope.

To learn more about the Hope, Cascades & Canyons Tourism Region, please visit us here:

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