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Hope BC is situated on the hub of highways that conveniently connects to every region of the province. This transportation feature is unique and holds significant value to our expanding business climate. Approximately 7 million vehicles travel through annually which makes this market open for many different opportunities. These key advantages are paired with the Lower Mainland’s most affordable real estate and competitive municipal development costs. Our economic region holds a labor force of over 1,745,200 so recruitment efforts should find many qualified professionals looking for employment. Our community continues to see a strong growth cycle for various business sectors, so our economic development team is helping attract new opportunities to the area. 

Find more information for investors, business owners and entrepreneurs  in the “Ready for Investment” resources below.

Ready for Investors

Ready For Investment | Ready for New Residents

Employment & Start Ups

Start Up Business Environment  Come join the growing list of […]

Ready For Investment

A Message from our Mayor

Although often in the shadow of larger centres in the […]

Ready For Investment

Economic Planning

Economic Planning Execution of the 2009 plan saw the formation […]

Ready For Investment | Ready for New Residents

Transportation & Public Transit

Transportation  Fix, Fuel, and Charge Being a major transportation hub, […]

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