Film and television production began in earnest in British Columbia in 1981 when the blockbuster hit Rambo:  First Blood was filmed in Hope.  Before that, American production in BC had been relatively small with the majority of productions being Canadian.  At $11 million, First Blood accounted for 38% of film and television production in BC the year it was filmed.

Since then, Hope has built a vibrant film production economy.  Over twenty feature films, TV shows, and documentaries have been filmed in Hope, with three feature films in 2016 alone.  The longest running production in the community is the Discovery Channel hit, Highway Thru Hell.

  • Productions Filmed in Hope

    Though not an exhaustive list, here are some of the more popular productions that have been filmed in Hope over the years.  
    • Highway Thu Hell, currently
    • War for the Planet of the Apes, 2016
    • Sweet Virginia, 2016
    • Fifty Shades Darker, 2016
    • Christmas Icetasrophe, 2014
    • The Cabin in the Woods, 2012
    • L'effet, 2012
    • Canyon War, 2009
    • One Week, 2008
    • Afghan Knights, 2007
    • Hope Springs, 2003
    • The Stickup, 2002
    • The Pledge, 2001
    • White Fang II, 1994
    • Far from Home (The Adventures of Yellow Dog), 1994
    • K2, 1991
    • Deadly Pursuit
    • Shoot to Kill, 1988
    • Fire with Fire, 1986
    • First Blood, 1982

AdvantageHOPE is here to help you navigate regional boundaries, find the best location for your production, and connect you with local trades-people and caterers.

Inquiries can be directed to or 604-860-0930.

Film production in British Columbia is supported through CreativeBC – an independent agency that brings a strategic and integrated approach to the growth and development of the province’s creative industries.  CreativeBC is an amalgamation of the former BC Film Commission and BC Film + Media.

CreativeBC is the single point of access for:

  • Production support
  • Industry programming
  • Tax credit administration
  • International marketing
  • Policy development



The District of Hope is the hub of Hope, Cascades & Canyons.  This region includes the Fraser Valley Regional District (areas A, B, and D) and a number of BC Parks (the most popular for filming is Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, home of the Othello Tunnels).

As such, production companies may need to contact various levels of government before filming begins.  Don’t worry though:  AdvantageHOPE is here to help.  Below is a brief introduction to the different permitting authorities and processes.

  • District of Hope

    • Permitting Authority:  District of Hope
    • Permitting Department:  District of Hope Planning Department
    • Recognizing the economic benefit of film production in the community, the District of Hope no longer requires film permits within the town boundaries.
    • To film within the District of Hope, the following are required of all production companies:
      • Valid business license
      • Special Event Permit.  This permit may be required if public facilities are being used for more than 24 hours.  Allow for ___ days/weeks after Special Event Permit Application submission to obtain the permit.
      • Production schedule (with associated locations) must be submitted to the District no later than 2 weeks before the first shoot day.  This is in order to obtain the necessary approvals to use public right of ways and/or property.
      • Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure approval to close MOTI-controlled roads (e.g. Old Hope-Princeton Way, Water Avenue)
      • Emergency vehicles must have access as required
      • Wrap sheet must be completed and forwarded to AdvantageHOPE after filming is complete.  A standard wrap sheet is available.  Data collected helps to keep our community film-friendly.
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  • BC Parks

    • Permiting Authority:  BC Parks - South Coast (Coquihalla Canyon) and Okanagan (E.C. Manning)
    • Permitting Agency:  FrontCounter BC
    • BC Parks provides a stunning backdrop for any production.  With hundreds of requests per year, BC Parks has created easy-to-follow guidelines and a streamlined application process for those wishing to film in one of our parks.  The following are excerpts from pertinent documents.  The titles and links to the documents can be found at the bottom of this section.
    • The term 'park' includes provincial parks, protected areas, recreation areas, and conservancies.
    • BC Parks will permit film productions which do not adversely affect:
      • The natural and cultural heritage, recreation, use, and appreciation values of the Park;
      • The public rights to free and reasonable access to parks for their inspiration, use, and enjoyment;
      • An asserted or proven aboriginal right (including aboriginal title) or treaty right, that is recognized and affirmed by section 35(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982; and,
      • The rights of existing permitees.
    • Applicants for park use permits must be:
      • 19 years of age or older; or
      • Corporations which are incorporated or registered in British Columbia*; or
      • Registered partnerships, cooperatives, and non-profit societies (incorporated under the Society Act (BC)) which are formed under the relevant provincial statues; or
      • Educational institutions; or
      • First Nations peoples applying through band corporations or Indian Bands and Tribal Councils.  Band or Tribal councils require a Band Council Resolution a) authorizing the council to enter into the permit, and b) giving the signatories of the permit document the ability to sign on behalf of the band; or
      • Municipalities, regional districts, other government entities, and associations
        • *Where applications are not registered to do business within BC, they will be informed at the time of the permit validation that it is their responsibility to register with the province.
    • In order to be considered for an application, production companies must:
      • Consult with the appropriate area contact to determine if the filming activity being proposed will be considered in the park;
      • Discuss commercial filming activities with local First Nations (where applicable).  BC Parks area contact will advise of this process; and
      • Submit a written application to FrontCounter BC
    • BC Parks receives 3 to 6 film permit requests for Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park (home of the Othello Tunnels) each year, though the frequency of requests is increasing.  Productions range from minor to major film shoots that can last from a few hours to a few weeks.
    • To better facilitate filming in the park, BC Parks has reduced their target timeframe for permitting (the time it takes for a client to receive their permit after they have submitted their application) to 5 business days.  The timeline for other permits is 140 days.
    • As Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park is an exceedingly busy park from the time the Othello Tunnels open (May Long Weekend) to when they close (Thanksgiving Long Weekend), filming opportunities can be limited to ensure public access and to maintain the park experience.
    • FrontCounter BC manages the fees and applications for all BC Parks, including Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park and E.C Manning Provincial Park.
    • For general information on obtaining film permits in a BC park, check out the following resource:
    • For more information on special conditions, available facilities, and filming features in a specific park, check out BC Parks - Special Conditions and Contacts.  Parks not referenced in this document may be managed by another jurisdiction (National, First Nation, Municipal, or Regional).
    • More information on permit eligibility, fees, and the application process can be found in the Park Use Operational Policy: Park Use Permits
    • For more information on filming guidelines within the park, check out BC Parks Commercial Filming Guidelines.
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  • Fraser Valley Regional District

    • Permitting Authority:  Fraser Valley Regional District
    • Permitting Department:  Parks Department (604-702-5029)
    • Permits are needed to film in regional parks and can be acquired through the Parks Department at FVRD.  For filming on major highways within the FVRD, production companies need permits from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
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Want to know more?

Contact AdvantageHOPE at 604-860-0930 or use the contact form here.  We can help you make connections with the right people in the community as well as determine if your potential locations are within the District of Hope, a BC park, a regional park, or on MOTI right-of-way.

For more information on locations to film in Hope, including listing your property (if you are a Hope land/homeowner), please contact CreativeBC.