One of the first things any new or expanding business needs to do is ensure that the zoning on the prospective property is appropriate for the needs of the business.  Whether you’re opening a brewery, building a home-based business, or starting a farm you will need to familiarize yourself with the zoning requirements.  The Site Selection Tool can tell you the current zoning on a property while the District of Hope Planning and Development Department can give you more information on acceptable activities for each zone and – if necessary – the rezoning process.

Detailed information on the current Zoning Bylaw and the related zoning maps can be found on the District of Hope’s zoning page (opens in a new tab).

Comprehensive Development Zones

If your planned use does not fit specifically into one of the appropriate zones, or if your planned operation requires mixed-use zoning on a single parcel, you have the option of pursuing a Comprehensive Development Zone.

Comprehensive developments (that include a mix of uses) may be permitted in any land use designation provided that the mix of uses conform or are compatible with the permitted uses of the designation.

The purpose of the CD zone is to provide one or more land uses to a designated property area, which will promote mixed-use development and will provide maximum land use efficiency based upon a site specific Comprehensive Development Plan.

The following uses – and no others – shall be permitted within a Comprehensive Development Zone:

  1. Commercial zone uses
  2. Industrial zone uses
  3. Public zone uses
  4. Residential zone uses


A Comprehensive Development Plan (or plans) may include the following:

  1. Site plan or plans, including legal descriptions of the area to be developed, showing location of all existing and proposed buildings, streets, lanes, highways, driveways, parking and loading areas, sidewalks, utilities and utility easements, streams and other topographical features of the site
  2. Existing and proposed grades and their relation to elevations on adjoining properties
  3. Architectural plans for any proposed buildings
  4. Location, size, height, colour, lighting, and orientation of all signs
  5. Location and treatment of open spaces, landscaping, and fences
  6. Statement of uses


Development Permit Areas (DPA)

A Development Permit (DP) is a type of development approval.

A minor Development Permit can be approved by District staff.  A regular Development Permit is approved by Mayor and Council.

Specific areas of the District of Hope have been designated as Development Permit Areas (Part III of the Integrated Official Community Plan).  Each of these areas has a set of development guidelines which specify the District’s development objectives for that area.  Some DPAs overlap with other DPAs and would require multiple approvals.

Certain lands in Hope are designated as Development Permit Areas which creates a requirement that is in addition to the zoning bylaw requirements.

DPA are described in detail in the OCP and are identified as:

  1. Flood and Erosion
  2. Geotechnical Hazard
  3. Streamside Protection
  4. Form and Character


Lands subject to geotechnical hazards and/or within floodplain areas include specific regulations and limitations for development.  A qualified professional may identify mitigative measures for the safe development of property in these areas.  To determine if your property is subject to geotechnical hazards and/or within the floodplain, see the Site Selection Tool Site Selection Tool.

For more details on CD, DPA, and DPA exemptions, please consult the District of Hope Planning and Development Department.