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Rambo First Blood Filming Location Tour (Self Guided)

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The year 2021 marks the 39th-anniversary celebration of the iconic movie Rambo: First Blood. This map highlights some of the most recognized filming locations. Below is a description of the scenes.

While taking the tour be sure to stop at SKT Farm Market, Artisans Attic and Fudgery, and the Hope, Cascades & Canyons Visitor Centre to grab your Rambo Souvenirs!

1. Sheriff Teasle picks up Rambo on Water Avenue, near Gardner GM

Photo Credit: @a_______o on Instagram

2. Fleeing from police, Rambo – driving a stolen motorbike – soars over the train tracks on Third Avenue.

3. With the police in hot pursuit, Rambo speeds along Hudson Bay Street, passing the H-tree at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Hudson Bay Street.

4. The Sheriff’s station is located in front of District Hall, at the corner of Wallace Street and Third Avenue. It has since been moved (see #8).

5. The current location of Treehouse Health Foods had been transformed into Mountain State Savings. Across the street, on Third Avenue, a Coke billboard was installed on the building’s roof to conceal the cameras.

6. Rambo accelerates the stolen motorbike up the sidewalk on the North side of Wallace Street (between Third and Fraser Avenues).

7. The Outpost Gun Shop was built at the intersection of Commission Street and Third Avenue. It was built specifically to be destroyed during filming.

8. The new location of the sheriff’s station. It now serves as the Canyon Golden Age Society’s clubhouse at 560 Douglas Street.

9. The intersection near Exit 170 (Highway 1) is where Rambo walks under Hope’s original “Welcome to Hope” sign and “Gateway to Holidayland” wooden archway. Remnants of the archway can be seen at the entrance to the Hope Lookout Trail and the Coquihalla Campground.

10. Location of the gas station that Rambo blows up as a diversion. The station was built specifically to be destroyed.

11. The sheriff drops off Rambo on the bridge to Portland, Oregon at the beginning of the movie. The original bridge was dismantled in 2011.

12. Othello Tunnels – known as “Chapman’s Gorge” in the movie, is the site where Rambo hangs precariously from the towering rock wall between tunnels one and two; and the police officer falls out of the helicopter. *Note: the Othello Tunnels are currently closed.

Photo credit: @shayleighbennest on Instagram

13. While evading the sheriff, Rambo navigates the motorbike through the Chevron gas station. The distinctive roofline of what is now Hope Pizza Place can be seen in the background of the scene.

14. In the movie, the Station House is at the corner of Hudson Bay Street and Fifth Avenue (see #3). The building was moved to its current location in 1985.

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The Hope Visitor Centre is the official HQ for all things Rambo Tourism in Hope. Your first stop on the Rambo Film Locations tour is here at the Visitor Centre. Pick up your guided maps, Rambo souvenirs, and get information from our knowledgeable VC staff.

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