Have you ever wondered what type of traveler you are? Well today is your lucky day! The Hope Visitor Centre and Museum Complex is holding a contest for visitors who take our quiz and discover their traveler type. A prize lies in store for our lucky winner, so take the quiz today!


Hope, BC Mountains

Which explorer are you?

  • Free Spirit

    -Highly social
    -Experimental and adventurous
    -Love high-end hedonistic experiences
  • Cultural Explorer

    -Constant travelers
    -Like to get immersed in local culture, people, and settings
  • Authentic Experiencer

    -Understated travelers
    -Looking for authentic, tangible engagement with destinations
    -High on historical travel
  • Personal History Explorer

    -Getting in touch with their roots
    -Travel in style, comfort and security
  • Virtual Traveler

    -Reluctant travelers
    -Want comfort and security while traveling
  • Gentle Explorer

    -Reluctant travelers
    -Seek luxury and comfort when they travel
    -There's no place like home
  • No-Hassle Traveler

    -Cautious, dutiful, reserved
    -Seek secure group travel
    -Want to escape from the duties and obligations of life
  • Cultural History Buff

    -Travel to further their hobbies/interests
    -Culture and history are their main interest
  • Rejuvenator

    -Travel to escape
    -Love to indulge, get pampered
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